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Fami-QS is a derivation of European Feed Additives and Pre-mixtures Quality System. It is based on the Quality Management System. The certificate guarantees the implementation of the requirements for feed hygiene in animal nutrition as laid down in Regulation (EC) No. 183/2005.

The European Regulation on Feed Hygiene (183/2005) sets up hygiene and safety requirements for the whole feed chain which includes feed additives and pre-mixtures. This Regulation also promotes the establishment of codes of practice in the feed chain. Therefore the feed additive industry has decided to establish a code of practice covering feed additives and pre-mixtures (as defined in Regulation 1831/2003/EC on additives for use in animal nutrition).

This code is the FAMI-QS Code of Practice for Feed Additive and Pre-mixtures Operators. A parallel and independent FAMI-QS certification system has been developed by FAMI-QS Asbl. Participation in the FAMI-QS auditable system is based on voluntary commitment. The FAMI-QS Code is certified by independent certification bodies, and run by the FAMI QS Asbl association.

What is FAMI-QS??

A tool for complying with the Feed Hygiene Regulation, which:

  • Encourages the development of systems to good practice for hygiene
  • Requires the application of HACCP principles
  • Positive dynamic interaction with chain partners

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FAMI QS clients

Welspun Steel
Orbit Pharma
Goodearth Goodrock


We offer a customized Fami-Qs training program for organizations.

Fami Qs

Awareness and documentation requirements

Fami Qs

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Frequently asked questions

Demonstrable and transparent quality assurance constitutes a license to produce. Certification like Fami-QS certification shows your commitment to a set of globally recognized principles, opening the global market.

  • The animal feed industry, including ingredient suppliers, is part of the food chain and is responsible for the safety of its products
  • HACCP is a proactive approach which links the feed chain to the food chain
  • Quality control of raw materials is a mutual concern for suppliers and the animal feed industry
  • The trade and industry are assuming their responsibility for product safety

By achieving the GMP certification, your company can demonstrably guarantee that animal feeds and animal feed ingredients meet the legal rules and the requirements which have been agreed with the parties in the chain.

The GMP certification with proper Fami-Qs training enables your organization to:

  • Communicate confidence to the customers, demonstrating that the feed or feed ingredients are produced by means of safe processes
  • Prove that all reasonable precautions have been taken care of
  • Allow the customers to demand certification and assessment of suppliers if they operate in a country with a strong feed safety legislative framework
  • Reduce the number of audits carried out by the customers and, consequently, save costs and management time
  • Reduce product waste and product recall
  • Improve relations with the food safety authorities
  • Improve efficiency

Certification to the GMP standards provide an effective means for communicating with stakeholders and other interested parties. It is an important element in demonstrating feed safety commitment under corporate governance, corporate responsibility, and financial reporting requirements.

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Empower your business with 4C

  • Team 4C has certified IQA FAMI-Qs auditors for Consulting Services and Fami-Qs training having 15+ years of experience
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  • Worked with more than 50 International & National Certification Bodies