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What is BRCGS Certification?

BRCGS (Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standards) is a leading provider of global supply chain assurance programmes recognised by thousands of customers worldwide. BRCGS was formed in 1996 as a division of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) to harmonize food safety standards. Since then, BRCGS has developed a range of global standards for food safety, environmental management, social responsibility, and other areas.

The BRCGS Global Standards consist of four Technical Standards that outline the necessary requirements for organizations to produce, package, store, and distribute safe food and consumer products. Implementation of these standards requires BRCGS training.

The BRCGS Global Standards are a set of four Technical Standards:

  • BRCGS Global standard For Food
  • BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Material
  • BRCGS Global standard for consumer product
  • BRCGS Global Standard for Storage & Distribution
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The BRCGS Global Standard For Food

The Standard was developed to help retailers to comply with legal obligations and protection of the Consumer, by providing a common basis for the audit of companies supplying retailer branded food products. Since the introduction of the UK Food Safety Act, the obligations placed upon the UK retailer have now become best practice across much of the supply chain and therefore manufacturers have accepted the principles of the Standard as a means of providing critical elements of their due diligence systems.

The BRCGS Global Standard – Food is based on the fundamental principles of the retailers’ own standards and has been continuously upgraded based on the requirements of both retailers and their suppliers.

The Standard requires:

  • Implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • A documented and effective quality management system
  • The control of factory environmental standards, products, processes and personnel
BRC Global Standard for Food Training
BRC Global Standard Food Certification Consultant

Principles of The BRCGS Global Standard Food

The objective of the BRCGS Global Standard – Food is to specify safety, quality and operational criteria required to be in place within a manufacturing organization to supply food products to UK retailers, their suppliers or Standard users. The format, content, and BRCGS training of the Standard are designed to allow an assessment of a company’s premises and operational systems and procedures by a competent third party against the requirements of the Standard.

The BRCGS recognizes the importance of accreditation and has worked closely with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) during the development of all the Technical Standards to ensure that all the requirements of product certification are met.

The principles of the BRCGS Global Standard Food are:

  • To minimize duplication of evaluation
  • To work in collaboration with accreditation bodies to ensure that the accreditation process delivers effective control and maintenance of the standards of evaluation
  • To encourage ‘local’ evaluation
  • To ensure openness, transparency, and compliance with fair trading legislation
  • To promote direct stakeholder participation during development and maintenance as part of technical
  • Advisory committees
  • BRCGS Global Standard – Food 2005
  • To continuously review and improve standards and supporting processes
  • To promote ‘best practice’
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BRCGS Certification clients

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BRCGS Training

We offer a customized BRCGS training program

BRCGS Awareness Training

Implementation and documentation requirements

BRCGS Internal Auditor Training

Educate & train personnel to perform internal audit.

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Empower your business with 4C

  • Team 4C has certified IQA BRCGS-Certification auditors for Consulting Services and BRCGS training having 15+ years of experience
  • 80+ BRCGS Certifications in 12+ different sectors of Food Industry
  • 800+ Food Safety, Hazard Analysis (HACCP) Documentation prepared
  • 8000+ Hours food safety training and 20000+ Hours Consulting
  • 100+ Consulting for Greenfield Food project from Plant commission to Operation successfully implemented
  • Worked with more than 50 International & National Certification Bodies
  • Hands-on experience of Team 4C in BRCGS training and implementing other Food safety management tools such as HACCP, FSSC, BRCGS food/IOP, AIB, IFS, Fami-Qs would help to gain early benefits