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What is Responsible Recycling Certification?

Responsible Recycling” or R2:2013 is a leading standard for electronics repair and recycling. The R2 Responsible Recycling Certification requirements have been set on the foundation of Environmental, Health and Safety Management system (EHSMS). It requires responsible management of electronic materials through the entire recycling process, prohibits illegal export of materials, and ensures recycling processes are safe and secure.

Therefore, achieving R2 Recycling Certification demonstrates the facility’s commitment and adherence to the Environment, Human health and Safetyencouraging recycling, reselling and refurbishing practices and procedures.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2013, recognized the need for an industry specific certification addressing all of the operational and materials management concerns and encouraged a broad stakeholder group to develop what has come to be known as the Responsible Recycler Practices Standard, or the R2 Standard. It is an important tool for the e-recycling industry for managing its unwanted used electronics efficiently and also protects its employees from the hazards associated with electronic equipment.

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R2 Certification Programs:

Currently, the electronics recycling entities can be certified to standards through two certification programs –

  1. Responsible Recycling Certification: Standard for Electronics Recyclers.
  2. E-Stewards Standard: for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment.

Both programs offer electronic recyclers, a way to monitor and plan their Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems (EHSMS) and security practices of managing used electronics.

Responsible Recycling Certification Consultant
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R2 Training

We have a team of highly qualified consultants who will help you with the complete R2 Recycling Certification process right from documentation, implementation, trainings, internal audits and right certification body.

R2 Certification

Consultancy and Assistance

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Empower your business with 4C

  • As R2 certification consultants, we offer fully customizable training programs to identify and analyze R2 requirements within your company leveraging the company's existing systems and bridging the gap between requirements.
  • We provide training via open-enrollment public training offerings, on-site at your facility based your requirements.
  • Our highly qualified R2 certification consultants will deliver innovative solutions to help your business outperform enabling you to get your certification quickly.
  • Team 4C has certified IQA auditors for Consulting Services having 15+ years of experience.
  • 1000+ Clients Worldwide and 1500+ Certifications in Different Industries.
  • Worked with more than 50 International & National Certification Bodies
  • Regional presence in 12+ states of India.