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What is ISO 50001 Certification?

ISO 50001 enables organizations to implement the Management systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance which includes energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption. ISO 50001 certification helps organization to take a systematic approach for improvement of energy performance and energy efficiency.

ISO 50001 specifies requirements of an energy management system (EnMS) for an organization to

  1. Develop an energy policy,
  2. Carry out energy review after studying past and present energy consumption data,
  3. Identify significance energy use,
  4. Establish design and procurement practices for equipment, system, processes and personnel working for Significant energy use,
  5. Establish objectives, targets, and Energy Management action plans,
  6. Identify legal and other requirement related to Significance Energy use.

ISO 50001 does not render specific performance criteria with respect to energy intensity. ISO 50001 can be used independently and also allows integration with other management system.

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PDCA Framework

ISO 50001 is designed based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) framework. This set of activities under this approach can be briefly described as follows:

  1. Plan: conduct the initial energy review and establish the energy baseline, energy performance indicators (EnPi’s), objectives, targets and Energy Management Action plans to improve energy performance in line with energy policy.
  2. Do: implement the energy management action plans for significant energy use.
  3. Check: monitor and measure processes, the key characteristics of its operations & effectiveness of Energy management action plan.
  4. Act: take corrective/preventive actions to continually improve energy management system.
 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Certification Consultant
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ISO 50001 Certification Clients

Welspun Steel Limited
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (Heavy Engineering)
Adani Power Ltd.
JK Lakshmi Cement Limited
Arvind Limited Denim Division
JSW Energy Limited
National Steel & Agro Industries Limited
Lanco Power Limited
PI Industries Ltd.
Shree Digvijay Cement Company Ltd.

ISO 50001 Training

We offer a customized ISO 50001 Energy Management System Training program for organizations.

ISO 50001 Awareness Training

Implementation and documentation requirements

ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Training

Educate & train personnel to perform internal audit.

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Frequently Asked questions

ISO 50001 is based on a management system model that is already understood and implemented by organizations worldwide. To provide compatibility and integration opportunities, the standard uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach employed in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. ISO 50001 can make a positive difference for organizations of all types in the very near future by improving energy management practices. At 4C, the ISO 50001 consultants have hands on experience and will help your organisation in right implementation of ISO 50001.

No. Organizations can take many steps to start improving energy management without becoming certified. However, certification to ISO 50001 provides a structured approach that incorporates energy management into company culture, resulting in sustained energy savings and continual improvements in energy performance over time. This can help justify initial investments in energy projects and ensure return on investment. Without a structured approach, there is no guarantee that energy savings will be sustained or that return-on-investment will be maximized. Our ISO 50001 consultants can help your organization with every step of improvement.

Energy is a critical component of an organization's operations and can be one of the largest controllable costs, depending on the activities. Improved energy performance helps organizations maximize the use of their energy sources and energy-related assets, thus reducing both energy cost and consumption. ISO 50001 provides a framework for organizations to make positive contributions toward reducing depletion of energy resources and mitigating worldwide effects of energy use, such as global warming, while improving the efficiency of organizational operations related to energy.

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