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What is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma is a process of improving the productivity and performance of an organization by eliminating the likelihood of errors. It is a data-driven approach that uses disciplined,  statistical-based technologies, and continuous improvement methodologies to reduce or eliminate issues in products, services, and process.

The name is derived from the Greek symbol “sigma” or “σ” which is a statistical term used to identity process derivation from the process mean or target. Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques used by companies to enhance production process and eliminate defects. It is a popular way to ensure that the output is qualitative. A six Sigma certification is a validation for the professional about his/her skills in regards to risk identifying and management, or understanding the defects in the process and the ability to remove them.  4C is a renowned Six Sigma consultant in India provides a comprehensive six sigma certification training

Six Sigma Model of Improvement

The model aims to identify and removing the cause defects and improving the overall process and minimizing errors. It aims at improving consumer experience with a use of systematic and structured approach that gives feedback on the existing process.

Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma Certification Levels

Six Sigma is a vast understanding with multiple levels of professionalism. It comes in White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.

  • Six Sigma White Belt

    Basic level of certification dealing with basic Six Sigma concepts and tools. Supports chain management and engegment with local problem-solving teams.

  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt

    Understanding the specifics of Six Sigma; how and where to apply them and support the team to solve the existing issue.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt

    Advanced understanding of analysis and imorved ability to resolve quality related issues. Porfessional with Green Belt lead teams and assist Black belts with data and analysis.

  • Six Sigma Black Belts

    Experts and agencts of change and improvement. Capable of providing training and solving high-scale problematic issues.

  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt

    Highest level of Six Sigma Achievement. It enables professionals to shape strategies, develop key metrics, and act as a superior consultant and coach to other belt holders.

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Six Sigma Certification Clients

Prashant Group
Lanser Laser Tech
Shreeji Plast
Arvind Ltd.
Omax Cospin
Sarla Fiber
Olam agro
Ashapura Minechem
Adani Transmission
Mineral Port
Deramic Battery
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Empower your business with 4C

  • Our method for Six Sigma projects involves on-site assessment of existing processes, review of data gathering, workshops for the management team and implementation team, monitoring of improvement projects and review of results. We are known as the most proficient Six Sigma consultants in India providing six sigma certification training.
  • We can help you in selecting improvement projects and train organizational team in various improvement tools and techniques. Our highly qualified team will train, cultivate and manage Six Sigma organization and improvement projects during the initial launch phase, 6 to 12 months, of your Six Sigma certification training journey.
  • Our competent team will work with the management team to help in planning, organizing and deploying Six Sigma certification training in an organization.