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What is UL Certification?

For every business, the safety of the employees holds a paramount regards. It is important that the equipments on which the employees and customers are surrounded with are checked on a regular basis. It becomes compulsory to check whether the machinery is working properly, manufactured rightly, serviced regularly and installed appropriately. These steps avoid any unwanted injuries or incidences in the near future. Purchasing and Installing UL certified products ensure the safety of the equipments.

UL (Underwriter Laboratories) is a safety organisation headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. It is one of the oldest agencies that provides the certification of the products as well as the environmental claims. Many people get confused with UL approval. Although, there is no such thing as general UL, they break up their certification into segments of being listed, recognized and classified. UL certifies products, systems, facilities, processes based on industry wise standards.

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Types of UL

  • UL Listed Service

    It is given to manufacturers that make products that meet UL standards and it provides the manufacturer the authority to mark UL by running the tests by themselves. UL does not test products by themselves rather they authorize the manufacturer to test the products. Though, UL strictly follows up with manufacturer to check if the tests are run appropriately following the right steps and procedure.

  • UL Recognized Service

    It is for the products or machinery that is used to manufacture other products. It states that the products are safe to be used in the production process. This mark is not seen on the end product though rather a component for larger product. Again, UL authorizes the manufacturer to test the products appropriately and does follow up to keep a check on the procedure.

  • UL Classification Service

    This is the most nuanced one of the three. This is for products by a manufacturer that make the products which are to be certified with UL. Thus, it has many layers such as a check of specific risks, casualty, fire, shock, performance under specific conditions, international standards, regulatory codes etc.

How to get UL certification?

To obtain the UL Certification, sample of the product need to be submitted by the manufacturer for assessment and evaluation. Detailed analysis is done on the product prior to marking it with a UL Mark. If the UL agrees that the product fulfills all the applicable requirements, then it authorizes the manufacturer to mark the product with the UL Certificate or provide an UL certification consultation or a notification that the product can now be marked as UL.

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