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What is ISO 39001 Certification?

Road Traffic Safety (RTS) is considered as a global issue, as the number of accidents that occur worldwide is constantly rising. It takes a lot for organizations to reduce and eventually eliminate accidents, deaths and severe injuries associated with road traffic crashes.

According to the World Health Organisation

  • Injuries related to road traffic accidents are the eighth leading cause of death globally.
  • Additionally estimated 1.3+ million traffic-related deaths happen every year.

The ISO 39001:2012 standard outlines the requirements for a Road Traffic Safety management system (RTS). This standard helps organisations to establish road traffic systems to reduce serious injuries and death caused by road traffic accidents. It Aids to proactively manage RTS risks, save lives, reduce lost productivity and demonstrate your commitment to both safety and social responsibility

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PDCA Frame work

  1. Plan- Identifying the impact the organization can have on RTS, mapping its impact on interested parties, and determining the organizational scope of an RTS management system with identified needs throughout the planning. This phase also includes Establishing, documenting and communicating the formed RTS policy, assigning organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities
  2. Do- For ensuring that the RTS objectives & RTS targets are met – implementing & operating the RTS management system and also making sure that all the action plans are carried out.
  3. Check- Monitoring and evaluating RTS performance through internal audits and periodic reviews of the RTS management system. Also identifying opportunities for the continuous improvement and ensuring the RTS results are achieved.
  4. Act- Maintain and improve the RTS performance by taking corrective action, based on the deficiencies & non conformities. Review and reappraising the scope of the RTS  ,RTS policy and objectives aimed at reducing risk of death & serious injuries in road traffic crashes
ISO 39001 Certification Consultant
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ISO 39001 Training

Our team of ISO 39001 Consultants offers a customized training program on ISO 39001:2015 for

ISO 39001 Awareness Training

Implementation and documentation requirements

ISO 39001 Internal Auditor Training

Educate & train personnel to perform internal audit.

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Frequently Asked questions

Any organization that relates with road traffic system like, taxi company, state transport corporations, Goods transporters, Bus companies, schools running school buses, marketing and sales company transporting goods. Supermarkets, road authority etc.

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