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Data Protection Overview

17th Oct, 2022
How to protect your data using ISO 27001?

Data protection is the process of defending sensitive information against loss, tampering, or corruption. In 2022, there have been 4.9 billion internet users worldwide, which is equivalent to 69% of the world’s population. Data is created and stored at previously unprecedented rates and the significance of data protection grows day by day. Our growing exposure to technology creates an risk of exposure to data breach and cyber attacks.

What is Data Protection?

Data protection is the act of preventing crucial data from being corrupted, compromised, or lost and giving the capacity to restore the data to a useable state in the event that something was to happen to make it unavailable or inaccessible. Data protection ensures that information is not tampered with, is only accessible for permitted uses, and complies with any applicable legal or regulatory requirements. Data that has been protected must be accessible when needed and usable for the intended function.

How we could protect our data?

An information security management standard known as ISO 27001 can be used to manage data privacy. ISO 27001 lays out policies, procedures, and staff training for how firms should manage risk related to information security. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) jointly publish the standard in 2005. Information security standards which is outlined in the ISO 27001 standard is meant to safeguard a company’s data assets against theft or unauthorized access. These criteria assist an organization in managing data protection and information security.

How ISO 27001 manages Data Protection?

ISO 27001 describes best practices for an ISMS, a systematic approach consisting of people, processes and technology that helps you protect and manage all your organization’s information through risk management. Following steps mentioned in ISO 27001 helps in data protection;

  • Define the ISMS scope
  • Define risk assessment process and methodology
  • Conduct risk assessment and perform risk management
  • Define the measurement of effectiveness of your controls and the ISMS
  • Implement all the applicable controls and procedures
  • Conduct training and awareness programs for employees
  • Perform all the daily operations as per your ISMS documentation
  • Monitor and measure your ISMS and its results
  • Prepare and validate business continuity plan (BCP)
  • Perform internal audit
  • Perform management review
  • Implement modified or corrective actions

What are the benefits of applying ISO 27001 for Data and Information Security?

Data privacy regulation is getting complex day by day and implementing IOS 27001 Information Security Management System provides the following benefits in managing data privacy;

  • Management acknowledging the value of organizational information
  • Increase in customer confidence, satisfaction and trust
  • Managing sensitive information of customers and business partners, and hence, increased trust of stakeholders and partners
  • Conformance to legal and regulatory requirements
  • Organizational effectiveness of communicating security requirements
  • Employee motivation and participation in security
  • Higher profitability
  • Efficiency in managing the security incidents
  • Ability to differentiate the organization for competitive advantage
  • Increase organization credibility and reputation
  • Prevention of confidential information to fall into unauthorized hands
  • Ensure data and information accuracy and access to authorized personnel only
  • International recognition and therefore, credibility
  • Improved management processes and efficiency with corporate risks

Future of Data Privacy.

Data protection has become one of the most significant concerns for practically every organization as a result of the growth of information technology and the internet at this level. We can confidently say that as time goes on, data breaches and cyber-attacks get more complex. Therefore, it is essential to establish cutting-edge data protection processes, techniques, and technologies. Fortunately, regulations like GDPR and standards like IEC 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 20000, CMMI may successfully assist enterprises with data protection.

How 4C Can Help Your Organization in Data Protection?

To help organizations gain credibility and trust from clients, employees as well as stakeholders and avail the numerous benefits of ISO 27001, 4C experts help in complete ISO 27001 implementation. We provide ISO 27001 Training as well as consulting to help you strengthen your ISMS. Team 4C consists of IRCA certified 27001 auditors who have 15+ years of experience. Having provided consulting services, risk assessment and BCP documents to 100+ for IT and ITES companies; we have empowered companies to enhance profitability as well as credibility across the globe. Also, we have provided 5000+ hours of training on IT Security Management System (ISMS) to help them gain benefits continually. To incorporate ISO standards and implement ISO 27001 in your organization, Contact us now.