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Improved Organizing Methods and Efficiency by Incorporating 5S for Omax Cotspin

24th Oct, 2019
Improved Organizing Methods and Efficiency by Incorporating 5S for Omax Cotspin


5S is implemented as a part of the lean project management methodology that focuses on improving the project delivery process by fostering the elimination of waste. 5S is the first step in the lean method that ensures cleanliness and proper organization of things for improved efficiency.

Our Client

Omax Cotspin Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest Textile companies in the International markets exports high-quality cotton yarn. Based in Gujarat, and located in Dhrangadhra, which is one of the best cotton growing areas in India, the company has installed the latest art machines and also a modern facility set up in 25 acres of land with 75000 spindle age capacity. For their excellent products, machineries, values and customer relations, they are preferred partners by a number of overseas customers who are situated in various countries including Bangladesh, Turkey, Europe, China, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.

Business Challenges and Objectives

The larger the business, the more the probability of challenges. Considering that the manufacturing plan is set up in a large area, our client had multiple management issues that affected their efficiency of work. After extensive research, in order to streamline management, improve maintenance and attain their desired business objectives, they decided to implement the 5S methodology for its proven excellence results. And then, for successful 5S implementation in their workplace, they sought out to 4C Consulting.

Some of their major challenges were:

  • Space Constraints
  • Segregation of Waste and Necessities
  • Inappropriate Utilization of Waste
  • Management of Maintenance Areas
  • Lack of Traceability and Retrieval
  • Accumulation of Waste in Scrap Yards

Some of the main business objectives that the client wanted to achieve by implementing 5S methodology were:

  • Better Housekeeping
  • Visual Management
  • Ensure Quality
  • Smooth Management
  • Increased Tidiness
  • Reduce Waste
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Reliability

Our Solution

After a thorough understanding of the Omax layout, their management methods, challenges, requirements and goals, our skilled and certified professionals identified and analyzed their problems. They proposed a simple, practical and easy to implement solution.

We created a 5S implementation map and divided the implementation process in two phases as per the zones. Phase one covered maintenance, store and canteen and phase two included production department, electric department and office area. 1407 Sq Ft was covered in phase one and 143 Sq Ft was covered in phase two. The first phase had 12 zones for which 21 leaders were appointed and trained to follow through the 5S practices. And the second phase had 16 zones with a number of leaders to follow and sustain the practice.

For each zone of both the phases, we implemented the 5Ss including:

  1. Sort
  2. Sweep and Shine
  3. Straighten
  4. Standardize
  5. Sustain



For each zone, we identified and eliminated the waste and provided better organization methods by finding appropriate places for the assorted items. As a result, all the zones were cleaned and organized which ultimately helped in increasing efficiency and speed as well as quality. In addition, we cleared zone 8 completely, providing more space for the client to utilize for more productive work. We also provided training to their leaders and other staff members to ensure the sustainability of the improvised areas along with a detailed explanation on how can they continue following 5S practices in their workplace.



Benefits to their Business

After the successful implementation of 5S at Omax Cotspin, there were tremendous benefits for the client. Our consulting services and training helped them improve the management as well as benefitted financially. Following are some of the major benefits:

  • 2860 Sq. ft space was recovered and saved.
  • Revenue generated from scrap went up to Rs. 1,32,682.
  • The workplace was properly organized and maintenance was improved drastically.
  • All the necessary things are now better stored, easily retrieved and traced.
  • All the improvisation instantly increased productivity.
  • All the employees are able to work more efficiently now.