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Rebranding of 4C Consulting: Face of Excellence

13th Aug, 2019
Rebranding of 4C Consulting: Face of Excellence

4C unveils an absolutely rebranded and redesigned version of itself in the market. From logo to the vision, mission up until the website—every segment/commodity/collateral connected to the brand is now rebranded. This was a highly-anticipated change and is expected to re-establish the brand in the market inviting opportunities to grow and expand themselves like never before.

Through the years, 4C’s aim has remained the same: ‘create value and make a difference’. This has derived the accomplishment of their current position in the market. However, changing market demands additional support when it comes to excellence.

The reason behind the need for the change comes from several different areas, primarily having to address the need of excellence in the management and employee division of the organisations.  This led to an increase in services and thus the brand has extended its range of services from Process to comprehensive business excellence, covering operational in between.

we make you sure

The brand emerges with a new tagline— ‘we make you sure’. The new brand tagline is curated to match their new realm of services and Excellency promise. It stands for the promise of Excellence from 4C. It states that 4C helps organisations get sure about their path to excellence.  Moreover, earlier, the brand focused on rendering services for System Management: ISO Consulting, Training and Certification; now the brand introduces services and training for Operational and Business Excellence as well. The wide range of services focusing on every aspect of the organisation leads the brand to call itself the ‘Center of Excellence’.

With a new mission and vision, brand aims to move ahead towards their aim to make Excellence available to all organisations across the globe. 4C Consulting aims to bring a valuable enhancement that is sustainable and tailor-made to fit every organisation. 4C, being the Center of Excellence, is the growth catalyst and strategic transformation inducer—transforming organisations with changes that welcome improved consistency of processes, product & service performance, customer perception & satisfaction and amplifies internal productivity and efficiency.

Website Revamp

In coordination with the rebranded identity of 4C—the website is also being launched with a new design. It aims to provide all the visitors with a clean, uncluttered, and improved functionality for all the services and information.

Website visitors will be able to navigate through the services of Process Excellence, Operational Excellence, and Business Excellence under one roof.   Easy to navigate design and mobile responsiveness of the website will aid to the visitor in any screen.

With this new identity, the brand aims to strengthen and modernize how they represent their organisations in the market. Further, it helps them reinforce their foot in the industry amongst their competitors and clients.