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BRCGS Packaging Materials: Ensuring Quality and Safety on a Global Scale

22nd May, 2023
BRCGS Packaging Materials: Ensuring Quality and Safety on a Global Scale

In today’s world, the demand for safe, sustainable and high-quality packaging materials is growing. As packaging is a crucial element in the supply chain, it becomes essential to ensure that the packaging materials meet the safety and quality standards. This is where the BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard comes into play. The BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard is a framework that provides guidelines for the quality and safety of packaging materials. It helps companies to ensure that their packaging materials are safe and of high quality, which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction and better business outcomes.

BRCGS – Packaging materials Global standard

A globally recognized standard known as BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard outlines the specifications for the production of packaging and packaging materials used in food packaging and packing processes as well as for cosmetics, toiletries, and other consumer goods and materials.
The BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging and Packing Materials enables packaging businesses to provide secure packaging and packaging materials that adhere to the essential good hygiene requirements for both food and non-food applications.
Certified organizations and their customers can feel more secure having known that their packaging is suitable for their intended use and won’t pose a risk of contamination by using a method based on HACCP analysis that meets site’s cleanliness criteria, limitations on printed packaging, product testing, and the management of foreign bodies. The basic standards comprise:

  • Senior management commitment
  • Hazard and risk management
  • Product safety and quality management
  • Site standards
  • Product and process control
  • Personnel

These criteria provide a strong emphasis on the specialized packaging material production technology for glass manufacture and forming, papermaking and conversion, metal forming, rigid plastics forming, flexible plastics manufacture, as well as other manufacturing and print processes.

The Standard offers a framework for all kinds of packaging manufacturers to allow them produce safe packaging materials, maintain product quality to satisfy customers’ needs, and carry out their legal compliance obligations. Many brand owners, retailers, food service providers, and manufacturers around the world recognized certification against the Standard when reviewing the capabilities of their suppliers.

The organization will have a globally recognized mark of quality, safety, and responsibility after receiving BRCGS certification. The system is developed to be effective, requiring fewer audits ultimately and assisting you in optimizing operational processes. Your ability to meet BRCGS standard standards enhances customer confidence and provides access to global markets.

High levels of compliance are required by the BRCGS Standard, and the certification procedure covers food safety planning, site and process controls, and gathering management feedback on product quality and integrity.
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Customer satisfaction is higher with BRCGS

Organizations who are BRC certified can easily manage to the changing global market with the help of BRCGS audit criteria. BRCGS supports the movement towards environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging, evolving packaging technologies, offline to online and direct-to-consumer sales, and allergen management through ongoing changes.

  • BRCGS enhance the brand reputation , Global recognition and GFSI benchmarking
  • Boosts regulatory compliance adherences.
  • Market expansion as the top global standard accepted by all
  • Comprehensive collection of performance-improving tools.
  • Retailer acceptance, which reduces the need for multiple audits
  • Minimal product recalls, complaints, and rejected products
  • An increase in customer confidence that ends up creating new market opportunities

To whom it’s applicable? BRCGS Packaging and Packaging Materials?

The standard was developed to meet the requirements of producers of packaging and packaging supplies for use in both food- and non-food-related applications. This includes businesses that

  • Produce raw materials for packaging;
  • Convert or print packaging materials;
  • Provide items from stock where additional processing or restocking takes place;
  • Create both packaging and consumer disposables (e.g. paper plates)

BRCGS Packaging Materials, which was the first to be acknowledged by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), is currently in its 6th edition and has emerged as the standard for the whole industry. Throughout the supply chain, producers of packaging for all purposes, including those for food, adopt it.

How 4C Consulting help you implement BRCGS Packaging?

Certification to the BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials can lead to significant transformation in your business, regardless of whether you priorities consumer protection or meeting customer expectations. No matter where you are in your journey, 4C Consulting can help, from information to certification.
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