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Introducing 4C’s Center Of Excellence

13th Aug, 2019
Introducing 4C’s Center Of Excellence

Excellence is a phenomenon that emphasizes on being the best. Striving to bring out the best and sustaining it to ensure that it lasts for the time to come—this is something we strongly believe at 4C Consulting. The efforts put in bringing out excellence are a very crucial part of professionalism.  Being successful is good but being excellent is better, and there is no denying in that.

Believing in making the formula of Excellence available for all organisations, 4C Consulting introduces an all-inclusive ‘Center of Excellence’. Since the inception, we have ensured Excellence in Management System –ISO consulting, Training and Certification. With time, the experience garnered and we have successfully achieved our pre-defined aim of adding sustainable value and making a significant difference in clients associated with us. Reaching the heights of distinction, 4C consulting now adds further services aiming to provide comprehensive excellence to organisations across the world.

Process Excellence, Operational Excellence, and Business Excellence are the three segments of our Center of Excellence. Right from consulting for ISO, training, documentation to implementation, now 4C will go a step ahead to help organisations in improving their operations through effective training of multiple modules like Lean, Six Sigma, Automotive core tools, 7QC tools and more. Furthermore, we’ll also help mould managements in drawing fruitful and effective productivity by helping organisations with Business Excellence Maturity models for MSME, Improvement Initiatives, and frameworks.

The three levels of Excellence i.e., Process, Operations, Business, though co-related, are different from one another and hold immense value within themselves. 

Process Excellence

Process Excellence focuses on the process itself.  The process involved in manufacturing or producing the respective service or product. These encompass certification, training and implementation of ISO systems. It aims to add value to organisations by improving their process through following the recommended standards. It established the credibility of an organisation and uplifts its prominence in the global market.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence focuses on the teams and environments involved in the process.  The main goal is to enhance the productivity of the employees by familiarizing them with waste management, minimal variation, teamwork, and other such concepts. It brings in several other aspects, such as culture, hierarchy, values etc. It is about how people, tools, technology combine effectively to reach smooth operations within an organisation.

Business Excellence

Business Excellence encompasses both PEX and OPEX with a perspective of achievement of goals, results and recognition. It focuses on strategy building, improvement initiatives, stakeholder communication and overall development of an organisation in the near future.

4C, with experienced professionals, aims at bringing out excellence in every aspect of an organisation—an excellence that sustains and churns out results that recognize futuristic opportunities. Our Center of Excellence encompasses services and customized solutions that together bring comprehensive excellence. This is a new beginning and we make organisations sure about achieving their excellence goals.