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Using an EHS Management System to Achieve Excellence in Cement Production

30th Jun, 2022
Using an EHS Management System to Achieve Excellence in Cement Production

Our client is one of the largest subsidiaries of an India’s conglomerate active in the construction, industrial, mechanical, electrical, real estate and trading businesses. They are the market leader in pre-cast concrete manufacturing and covers a range product range.

Industry: Construction & Construction Material.

Country: India

No of employees: 900+

Main Product: Concrete structures used in construction, such as pre-stressed concrete poles for power distribution lines and PC piles, concrete open channels, concrete railway sleepers, bridge girders, sheet piles, pipes, platform slabs and a variety of building components.

Standards Implemented;

Implementation Area;

  • Engineering/Research and Development
  • Raw material procurement
  • Final product testing
  • Operations/Production Management
  • Sales, Marketing, and Customer communication

Major Benefits;

  • Improve production processes.
  • Enhance company’s supplier review and selection procedure.
  • Save resources and improve research and development outcomes by using unified specifications and harmonised information capture.
  • Ensure high-quality products.
  • Obtain benefits in sales negotiations by reference to standards, and avoid misunderstandings

These benefits translated into an annual contribution of approximately ₹5 billion (USD 64,000) to company gross profits.

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