Internal Auditor Training

Course Description

4C’s “Internal Quality auditor’s training of “ISO” course will provide participants with a general understanding of the concepts of the ISO series of standards and how the requirements impact the day-to-day operations of organizations.  Participants will also understand the importance of the process approach to ISO.  An experienced instructor will explain the clauses of ISO standard, providing a base for understanding the ISO Standard.  Most importantly, participants will understand how their work impacts the management system and customer satisfaction. Internal auditor’s training will also include

  1. Identification of the key personnel for the ISO Auditors’ Training.
  2. Conducting ISO Auditors’ Training (Class room training) for a selected group of employees by Qualified Auditor.
  3. On the Job Internal auditor training through presence in the Internal Audit conducted in the Company.

Training for- How to identify the Non-conformity with reference to objective evidence, how to write the Non-conformity & preparation of the Internal audit report including why-why analysis & appropriate corrective & preventive action & closure of the Non-conformity.

Learning Objectives

  • Clause wise training for internal auditors
  • Actual cross function internal audit
  • Writing audit reports/ NC and corrective-preventive actions based on actual audit